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Comic 25 - Time for a revolt

Time for a revolt
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18.4.2016, 12:01
Yesterday, files leaked by The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists revealed a huge amount of power players in the world evading tax by storing money in tax havens. Among them was the current Prime Minister of Iceland.

So, today, there is a massive demonstration (which has actually been planned for some time anyway) calling for the disbanding of the government and an immediate re-vote. At the very least, we need the PM, the Financial Minister and the Interior Minister (who have also been connected to tax havens) to step down.

Lucky Emanúel doesn't have to worry about any of this, of course. The only thing he'll be worried about, as usual, is me being away from him. He really doesn't trust me to go out on my own.

More information on the political crisis can be found here

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[Image description: A webcomic in two frames. In the first frame, Emanúel, a large, striped cat is lying curled up, looking content. The text above reads: I often wish I was a cat. So free from worries... free from politics... In the next frame, Emanúel is stretching happily and next to him stands Pat, wearing a shirt with a red Anarchy logo and a short denim jacket. They are holding a sign that says VOTE NOW. The text above reads: to sleep peacefully while the rest of us have to fight for the right to freedom from corruption.]


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